• Joanna is a remarkable Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Not only does she have a very calming influence, her ability to connect with me (even via zoom!) is incredible. When communicating with Joanna I feel understood, respected and worthy of love. Through some IFST (Internal Family Systems Therapy), she's helped me connect with parts within myself that felt suppressed and misunderstood for years. One particular session resulted in a tremendous nervous system shift and discharge of held traumatic stress. I confidently recommend Joanna as a Therapeutic Coach due to the amazing results she helped me achieve. Thank you Joanna - I will be forever grateful for the role you played in the restoration of my true self, in charge of my response to emotions.

    Annelize Anthony
  • Annelize Anthony

    "I was seeking a therapist who could once and for all help me. I was tired of having to go through my past over and over again, opening up old traumas. I found Jo searching for Somatic Experiencing, after researching the positive outcomes. After our first session I realised I had finally found an answer for me. She listened with care and noted all the things important to me. I had some homework to do after the session and this was the beginning of my true recovery. In subsequent sessions Jo had remembered all of my details and actually showed an interest in my life. She cared. I have been a client of Joanna’s now for over a year and a half and each session I have with Jo, I feel a step closer to the real me. I am so grateful for all her work, care and support."

    Jacqui KayTeacher, Artist
  • "A few weeks into my counselling with Joanna, my partner pointed out that I was a lot calmer and less reactive. A year on from that, and I have become more connected and at peace with myself, not to mention that my relationship is thriving. Words cannot describe my gratitude, thank you Joanna!"

    Grace IrvineCounsellor
  • Grace Irvine

    “Jo has helped me to look after my own wellbeing, understand myself better and basically set me free to live an amazing life.”

    Naomi WilliamsLawyer
  • Naomi Williams

    “I was just so stressed, and so tired of being stressed. I thought Jo would give me tips and hints about how to manage that stress but it was so much more than that. It was actually how to unlock where the stress was coming from. Why was I pushing myself to take on this big workload? We examined the cause. Once I was able to step back and let go of those fears, the stress went.“

    Adrienne MBusiness Owner
  • “Honestly I’ve never spent money on myself to look at past traumas and work through them. In many ways I blamed myself and took on burdens that are not mine. Joanna helped me see how things really are and gave me some good grounding tools if that fear creeps in again. I feel like me again and that I’m back on track. Feeling more confident and happy within myself which really matters … no more self blame. I’m back but better!“

    Paulette CollinsAccount Manager
  • I feel like I’m walking away with the tools I need to be more confident in myself and to make decisions moving forward that will enable me to truly be myself and live the life that I want.“

    Tracey BOffice Manager
  • “I came to see Jo at a time of crisis in my life. Due to my own interest in psychology I have found counselling in the past to be largely ineffective because I wasn’t hearing anything I didn’t already know. Jo, on the other hand, has a deep knowledge and vast skillset that helped me to discover things I didn’t even know that I didn’t know about myself. I feel a lot stronger, clearer of mind and happier. I have a sense of contentment that I’ve not felt in over 10 years. I am so grateful for Jo and for what she brings to those of us in need of help, particularly when you feel as if you’ve exhausted all options.“

    Sarah RossManager
  • Sarah Ross

    Compared to where I was before I started the sessions I feel a lot better about myself, and a lot more accepting of myself rather than critical. The sessions are great – Joanna is lovely to talk to – non-judgemental, makes you feel great about yourself. The sessions are very relaxed and it makes you feel at ease. Thanks Joanna I feel a lot more in control of myself now – and where I am heading to have a happier life than I was making previously.“

    Kelly LelieveldAccountant
  • “The coaching sessions with Joanna were helpful because they helped me to see I needed a change & it wasn’t the one I thought I needed!! The sessions are casual & comfortable, like just hanging out talking with a friend – who helps you to see what you can’t. Jo also has a way of letting you work things out for yourself, she guides you. Guiding me to work out what the change that I needed was has been most helpful. I feel more in control of how I’m feeling and also feel like I can cope much better with any issues that arise.“

    Angie EllisonAccountant