What is the Feminine Principle?

 So what is the feminine principle and what does it have to do with resolving stress and healing trauma?

According to Vandana Shiva “the feminine principle is a way of conceiving and acting in the world to sustain all life by maintaining the interconnectedness and diversity of nature.”

The feminine principle informs a holistic paradigm or worldview.  It sees nature as a living force – diverse, complex, creative, active and life giving.  It sees human beings as part of this whole, not above or separate from.  We also are diverse, complex, creative, active and life giving.

“This we know – the Earth does not belong to people, people belong to the Earth.  All things are connected like the blood which unites one family.  Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the Earth.  Human beings did not weave the web of life; we are merely a strand in it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” – Chief Seattle

To come into alignment with nature, to harmonise with the feminine principle, is life giving and life enhancing.

It’s opposite is the dominant paradigm currently operating.  That of colonial, patriarchial, reductionist globalism.

Vandana Shiva says that “the ultimate reductionism is achieved when nature is linked with a view of economic activity in which money is the only gauge of value and wealth.”

As a result of this reductionist paradigm, money and productive capacity within the market economy, are the primary gauges of human value and wealth.

This dominant and dominating worldview completely dispenses with non-monetary work (predominantly carried out by women) as ‘unproductive’ and therefore unseen.

Today we see unprecedented levels of burnout, fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress, as we sacrifice ourselves on the alter of ‘productivity’.  We are wealthier than ever before and yet the poverty of spirit, the fragmentation of relationships and the demise of our health and wellbeing show our true poverty.

Much of the stress and trauma present in our lives today is a result of unquestioningly living from this reductionist paradigm that equates our value with our usefulness in the market economy and the abandonment of the feminine principle.

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More About Joanna

    • Restoring the feminine principle has been an important part of my own journey.  I embody this in various ways, including embracing slow, simple living, and aligning with Nature’s principles.
    • My partner and I are the co-founders of Notty & Nice Farm.  We are passionate whole foodies and are working towards almost exclusively eating from what we grow, catch or hunt ourselves.
    • I love baking sourdough and creating meals from scratch – in the kitchen or out in nature are my happy places!
    • We have 4 teenagers between us…and 2 cats, 4 dogs, 7 pigs, 16 chickens….you get the idea!
    • Recovering from the Freeze and Fawn Response have been a big part of my own healing journey, including recovering from C-PTSD, depression, anxiety, burnout, chronic fatigue, and other chronic illness – I get it, I’ve been there!
    • My spiritual journey has taken me from a beginning in Christianity to a spiritual awakening to a walk through new age, then a recognition of spiritual bypassing, to finally a place of what I like to call Embodied Spirituality.
    • In the past I competed in Body Building and Power Lifting, hiking is now how I love to stay fit and strong!
  • "Working with Jo has been truly life-changing. As a result of the program, I am more honest about my internal realities, more compassionate with myself and others and quicker to admit when I’m wrong. The most impactful transformation has been the way I notice changes in my emotional state sooner, allowing me to harness the power of my emotions instead of being controlled by them. Seriously, I tell all my friends and co-workers about Jo and couldn't recommend her more highly!"

    Logan SkerrettBusiness Owner & Digital Marketer
  • Logan Skerrett

    "Jo made it all so simple! I have learnt to put boundaries in place and have reconnected with my authentic self. The positive reaction from those around me, to my new assertive self is astonishing. Jo I can’t thank you enough!"

    Stephanie Van PeltAccountant

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