How your healing journey is like an ice thaw

How your healing journey is like an ice thaw

Each year up in the Northern latitudes of the Northern hemisphere, spring thaw happens.

This is an uncertain and often dangerous time.

When everything is thick ice and snow, it is more solid and can be trusted, even if it freezing, you can prepare for the conditions.  And in summer, all the ice and snow has melted away and the rivers are flowing.  You can get out and swim and boat without a problem.

But the thaw is different.  This is an uncertain time.  There are huge changes happening.  Thick ice starts to break up on rivers.  Snow starts to melt and run into rivers and cause flooding.

Everything is uncertain and unstable.

It’s not a place to be if you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t have an expert guide!

Our healing journey

Our healing journey can be a lot like this.

Unresolved trauma is bound energy, energy that is stuck or fixed, a lot like the ice of winter.  Often, we are not even aware of how stuck our energy is because it has always been that way.

But then maybe symptoms start showing up – our relationships don’t work out, our health starts failing, or we start suffering with depression or anxiety.

And we decide to do something about it.

But here’s the thing:  once you start to change something, to apply pressure from outside, how things change can be unpredictable.  Like the ice thaw.

Or as Peter Levine, Ph.D. puts it:  “Moving out of the  frozen state can be a fiercely energetic experience…When humans begin to move out of the immobility response, however, we are often frightened by the intensity of our own energy and latent aggression, and we brace ourselves against the power of the sensations.  This bracing prevents the complete discharge of energy necessary to restore normal functioning.”

So for a while there, as healing is starting to happen, as we start to move from fixity to flow, it can feel like things are getting worse.  Some symptoms disappear and then others show up.  It can be very disorienting and scary if you don’t understand the big picture or have someone who’s been there to guide you through it.

But just as the ice eventually melts and the river levels return to normal and start flowing smoothly once again, so to can your experience.

Once you get through the scary bit (hopefully with guidance and support to make it as smooth as possible) there are all sorts of wonderful benefits.

You start to experience a sense of coherency and clarity. You have access to your life force and energy again.

You start to feel more connected to yourself, to others and to the world around you.  It feels safe again to be in your body and you are no longer at the mercy of events from your past.  The old fear has been discharged.

And your symptoms start to clear up!

So if you know that you want to make changes but you don’t want to navigate the ‘spring thaw’ on your own, then get in touch.  You can book a free 45 min strategy session with me here

To your health and happiness

Jo xox