Stuck? Procrastinating? To resolve, go deeper

Stuck? Procrastinating?  To resolve, go deeper

I had an incredibly productive burst of creativity with my business that lasted about 6 weeks recently.  I was super motivated and clear about my direction and what needed to be done.

And then all of a sudden it stopped, and I couldn’t figure out why.  Man, I hate that!

And yeah, I know all about the cyclical nature of energy.  I recognise there are times I am outward focused and action taking and times I am more reflective and inward focused.

But this felt different.

This time I went from feeling highly motivated to ‘out of the blue’ feeling no motivation whatsoever.

And it didn’t resolve after a few days.

I was stuck.

I have come to recognise that when I feel stuck, there is usually internal resistance.

So to get to the bottom of things, I conceptualise my consciousness as having several layers.

One of these layers is my Inner Child.  And rather than getting frustrated with her for stalling my plans, I’ve learnt it pays to listen.

In order to integrate all aspects of my consciousness so that flow and unification can happen, those aspects of my self that once went unseen and unheard, need a Voice.

So in my minds eye, I kneel down and ask her to come and sit with me. And I ask if she could share with me what’s troubling her. And then, I wait.

I am at the point in my life now where most of the blockages I have are very subtle, because I have worked through the grosser, and more obvious.

And yet these subtleties create the lens we view the world with and so create our world.

I have come to learn that if I don’t like the view, then I need to change the lens.

This lens is usually developed at a very young age and has never been questioned.  And so the process of listening with a high degree of Presence to what my younger self has to say, reveals the lens.

And once the lens is conscious, I can change it.

I have developed a proven method for uncovering blockages and finding flow.

So if you’re feeling stuck and want to change the lens that is currently shaping your reality then book in a 45 min strategy session with me and lets get you ‘unstuck’.

To your success

Jo xox