Feel, allow, integrate and re-member yourself

Feel, allow, integrate and re-member yourself

“No matter how you feel, you deserve more love, not less. When love is not a feeling to chase or hold in place, but the compassionate support that befriends each emotion and embraces how you feel, you are able to find the companionship you desire without abandoning yourself in the process. This is how acceptance blossoms for the well-being of all.” – Matt Kahn

For so many years I had abandoned myself amongst feelings too overwhelming to bear, and now they have been all coming home to be re-membered and held. As I have noticed the initial reaction of aversion and hold space for it, I am then able to transition into holding space for the feeling itself in an offering of love. And as I feel my own companionship, I relax into a deeper space of safety than I have ever offered myself before.

Once I realised that it had only ever been my own companionship, acceptance and love I had been seeking, I was able to stop chasing after it from others. And as I offered it to myself as a continuous stream, life could not help but reflect it back to me in so many beautiful ways.

Be a companion to yourself by truly listening to what you most need in every moment – whether it be compassion, comfort or understanding and give it to yourself as the most loving parent would nurture their child. Things start to change very rapidly when you practice this.

And to make this a whole body practice, put your hand on your heart and feel the comfort of your own touch.  Feel your feet, feel the chair supporting you.  And your whole body will begin to feel met and held.  Your body wants to feel safe to finally feel those sensations that were never safe to feel as a child.

Build your capacity to feel slowly, otherwise it is easy to dissociate from difficult feelings.  If you would like help with this then book a free initial session with me.  I would love to take you through this beautiful healing process xx.

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