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I Help Business Owners And Busy Professionals Eliminate Relational Stress By Setting Better Boundaries And Quitting People Pleasing

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4 Step Guide To Regaining

Assertive And Authentic



Can you relate?

Money & Lifestyle

Have you created financial security for yourself and the type of lifestyle that is nurturing, fun and highly satisfying?

Or has a lifetime of putting others needs ahead of your own, resulted in your financial and lifestyle needs not being met.


Are you well rested, full of energy and thriving physically?

Or does a lack of boundaries mean you are often exhausted and struggling with ongoing health concerns.

Intimate Relationships

Are your relationships warm and loving with an equal energy exchange and reciprocity? 

Or do you secretly feel resentful, unseen and like you are the primary giver.



Is there a balance of power, work load and respect in your work relationships?

Or do you instead find yourself over-functioning or acquiescing in order to keep the peace.




RAASE UP’s cycle of transformation is simple.

Once you RECOGNISE the root causes of people pleasing behaviours from early life and restore bodily wisdom, you are then able to REPAIR the attachment system and restore a sense of safety in relationships.

This in turn leads to restoring healthy defensive responses (assertive and authentic self-expression) and increasing the REGULATION of the nervous system to minimise relational stress.

As emotional capacity expands, one can RISE with confidence. This is the cycle of transformation that brings about assertive and authentic self-expression.

To learn more, download the 4 Step Guide To Regaining Assertive, Authentic Self-Expression And Quitting People Pleasing For Good.

I'm Joanna Delamere

This work changed my life. I want everyone who struggles with people pleasing to be able to transform this pattern and drop the guilt and shame that goes with it.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Executive Coach

Reformed People Pleaser

Results you can expect:

Jo made it all so simple!  I have learnt to put boundaries in place and have reconnected with my authentic self.  The positive reaction from those around me, to my new assertive self is astonishing.  Jo I can’t thank you enough! – Stephanie van Pelt, Accountant

“Jo’s compassion, empathy and passion for what she does shines through in her work. She is warm, understanding and genuine in her commitment to help you peel off the layers and get to the heart of what’s holding you back.” – Juliette Miller, Business owner

“Jo has helped me to look after my own wellbeing, understand myself better and basically set me free to live an amazing life.” – Naomi Williams, Lawyer

Don’t Wait Any Longer.