The coaching sessions with Joanna were helpful because they helped me to see I needed a change & it wasn’t the one I thought I needed!!  The sessions are casual & comfortable, like just hanging out talking with a friend – who helps you to see what you can’t.  Jo also has a way of letting you work things out for yourself, she guides you. Guiding me to work out what the change that I needed was has been most helpful. I feel more in control of how I’m feeling and also feel like I can cope much better with any issues that arise.

Coaching Client: Angie Ellison

After the coaching sessions with Joanna, Kelly had this to say:

Compared to where I was before I started the sessions I feel a lot better about myself, and a lot more accepting of myself rather than critical.

The sessions are great – Joanna is lovely to talk to – non-judgemental, makes you feel great about yourself. The sessions are very relaxed and it makes you feel at ease.

Thanks Joanna I feel a lot more in control of myself now – and where I am heading to have a happier life than I was making previously.

Coaching Client: K. Lelieveld

I would recommend Joanna Delamere to anyone who feels food is taking up more room in their life than feels comfortable.

“I have a much more relaxed attitude to food, and have become much less judgemental – I have noticed this in a number of ways including not constantly thinking about food, or judging myself about what I eat or don’t eat, and also judgements of other people and what their eating habits are.  I feel much less controlled by food and no longer focus on it so much.”

Coaching Client: H. Schafter

I have learned to criticise myself less with regards to food, and towards my own self. 

From our sessions I realised that my thought patterns were not solitary.  Joanna’s professional manner was well-balanced with the relaxed atmosphere in which we talked.   I appreciated being able to talk with Joanna about other issues, such as friendships and meeting other likeminded people at the raw foods cookery classes in 2014 was great.

Coaching Client: M.Allen

The coaching program can be summed up as therapy, psychology, healthy choices

“The sessions are useful at bringing awareness and empowering change. Working with Joanna I have come a long way in a number of areas, I have addressed a lot of conditioned behaviours and worked on changing these.  I have seen how my past has influenced certain areas in my life, I’ve identified triggers that lead to unhealthy actions, and worked on goals.  I’ve identified the need to love and be kind to myself and become the type of person I would like to be with. 

Coaching Client: K. Morrison