Joanna is a wonderful and caring coach, she has a huge capacity to hold a safe and nurturing space.  She is highly intuitive and has a wonderful attunement with you during sessions which allows the sessions to flow with ease. She is a master at resolving stress and her knowledge and ability to educate you on your own nervous system regulation is outstanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing to live a stress free life!

Fellow SE student and colleague: Moniquea Spiteri

When I first came to see you, I was feeling very hurt and confused about many things and didn’t know how to process any of them.  I now have a lot of clarity and understanding and my mind is filled with much less chaos and a lot more peace, order, understanding and happiness.  I feel like I’m walking away with the tools I need to be more confident in myself and to make decisions moving forward that will enable me to truly be myself and live the life that I want.

Coaching client: Tracey B

Jo’s compassion, empathy and passion for what she does shines through in her work, she is warm, understanding and genuine in her commitment to help you peel off the layers and get to the heart of what’s holding you back.

Coaching client: J. Miller


What was the main issue you came for?  What has changed?

I was just so stressed, and so tired of being stressed.  I thought you would give me tips and hints about how to manage that stress but it was so much more than that.  It was actually how to unlock where the stress was coming from.  Why was I pushing myself to take on this big workload?  We examined the cause.  Once I was able to step back and let go of those fears, the stress went.

What was Joanna’s most helpful contribution to you?

Clearing of the deep emotional history.  Clearing it on a cellular level meant it took away the drivers for that stress.  I stopped feeling the fear.  Fear stopped being my driver.  I have more clarity.  When I have a huge, heavy workload, it doesn’t feel insurmountable any more.  I’m more calm and less panicky.

But the physical symptoms that shifted were the most important changes:

  • I don’t have PMT anymore.  I would feel like I’d been hit by a bus and that’s all gone
  • Skin is clearer, it is not as congested
  • My body feels smoother – before my muscles felt all broken up inside
  • My digestion is better
  • I don’t get as many sinus headaches
  • My blood sugar levels were out of balance and would drop suddenly and I would feel headachy and irritable, sick and cloudy, would lose concentration and focus and feel hungry.  But I realised it was the stress hormones, not what I was eating.  Now I don’t have the drops in blood sugar and I can eat whatever I want again whereas before I was completely cutting out carbs
  • I think I’m using my food more efficiently
  • I feel more comfortable in my body

Coaching client: Adrienne M

Jo is a kind, caring, compassionate person with real empathy and understanding. She is a great listener and genuinely wants to help clients shed any clutter/built up anger/hurt that may be holding them back. Jo taught me some great skills and really helped me sort out a few things that had been holding me back. I’d highly recommend Jo.

Coaching client: T. McKenzie


Compared to where you were before you started sessions with Jo, how do you feel?

I feel 100 times stronger in myself. I certainly have learned how to set better boundaries and to love myself more.

Consider the main issue you wanted to work on – what has changed?

Yes. in the aftermath of my marriage breakdown and the emotional abuse I now know i was subjected to, I understand the cycle of the narcissist and can see it coming and know what to expect and how to handle it 1000 times better. This has helped me take back my power that I hadn’t realised I had handed over.

How would you describe the sessions to others who haven’t been before?

Life changing!! Certainly for me. I have always thought that I didn’t need something like this, that I had supportive friends and family that could help me through but these sessions with Jo allowed me a freedom in my thinking and dialogue that I just wouldn’t do with friends and family. I was able to really delve into the depth and reasons behind the way I reacted to situations.

What has been her most helpful contribution to you?

Helping me to have faith in myself and in my future and that I am strong enough in myself. I am not defined by my relationship with him but defined by myself and my roots and my spirituality and my love of the little girl inside.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It was so healing on a whole other level when I realised that I shared similar spiritual values with you Jo. I think I could have gone to 100 therapists and not gotten half the results I have if not for that. You were able to tap into a part of me that you completely understood and were able to counsel me to that level which brought a depth to our sessions that just blew me away!! Thank you

Coaching client: K. McNeilly

The sessions are easier and more comfortable than I thought they would be. I was so scared to go along to the first one, but Jo makes it so easy to talk and to open up about things that I have never talked to anyone about before.

I have learned a great tool from our sessions to help understand my thoughts and feelings and to be able to stop things from even starting. Understanding those first signs my body is giving me is key in being able to stop things before they even start.

I would just like to thank Jo for her support and ease in dealing with her. The sessions were so comfortable as she worked her magic!


Coaching client: Keryn

Honestly I’ve never spent money on myself to look at past traumas and work through them. In many ways I blamed myself and took on burdens that are not mine. Joanna helped me see how things really are and gave me some good grounding tools if that fear creeps in again.

I feel like me again and that I’m back on track. Feeling more confident and happy within myself which really matters … no more self blame. I’m back but better!

Coaching client: P. Collins


Compared to where you were before you started meeting with Jo, how do you feel?

When I started with her I was run down and suffering from anxiety. My life felt out of control and I was very unhappy with where I was. After working with Jo I gained a new mindset, took control of my life and had a lot of huge break throughs. Jo really set me free and I will always be grateful to her.

What was your main issue and what has changed?

My main issue was anxiety and the feeling like I was not enough. After working with Jo I got a deeper understanding of where this came from. Jo gave me tools to deal with my anxiety and I got a really good understanding of what my triggers were. After working with Jo my anxiety subsided.

How would you describe the sessions to others who haven’t been before?

Amazing, if you want to be set free in life she is the person you want to work with. I will be forever grateful to Jo, she has really changed my life and also done the same for other people I have recommended. She’s warm and welcoming and makes you feel totally relaxed and at ease.

What has been her most helpful contribution to you?

Everything! There is not one thing I can single out. Jo has helped me to look after my own well being, understand myself better and basically set me free to live an amazing new life. She was always professional and very confidential.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Jo is an amazing soul who gives so much to others. Thank you so much for everything.


Coaching client: N. Williams