Coaching sessions are conducted online via Zoom and I work with individuals anywhere in the world.

45 min Introductory Session:  $50USD
1 hour session New Zealand residents:  $150NZD
1 hour session, Rest of World:  $125 USD
1 hour session, extra (outside 9am-5pm NZT):  $150USD
Link for payment will be emailed once session is booked.
When you book a time, your local time is used, not NZT.


I’m someone who had generally been a ‘science over spirit’ person most of my life. However, despite pursuing conventional mind-centred therapy many times throughout my life, my anxiety and insecurity were escalating to the point they were affecting my health and quality of life. I knew I had to try something different.

I had long been observing bodily sensations along with my anxiety and insecurity, but nothing explained it until I learned about somatic therapy. I quickly realised it was something I needed to do for myself.

Reading about the theory and watching videos is one thing, but to work one-on-one with a practitioner as you talk through your own personal experiences is on another whole level.

Joanna is amazing to work with. She has such a grounded personality I found it impossible not to click straight away. She listens carefully to what you say, and despite my tendency to ramble, she understood that this was part of the process, yet managed to get to a key point during every session. Her methods, for me at least, involved a combination of somatic experiencing, re-parenting my inner child, addressing intergenerational trauma, and the occasional inspirational quote to give me something to mull over between sessions.

At first I was slightly hesitant about the results I might expect, working with someone over video, but this really didn’t pose a barrier at all. Joanna observes so intently, looking for subtle cues from things like hand gestures and head position, that the medium made no difference.

For someone whose nervous system was probably dysregulated for much of my life, it’s really hard to describe the difference I feel every moment of every day now that I’ve addressed so much. I notice the little things that matter, and I ignore the thoughts that don’t. I realise that I am good enough, and that being perfect is not a prerequisite for happiness. I’m completely accepting of what is, and I’m proud to let my strengths and gifts shine through in everything I do in life.

Once you become more attuned to your body as a barometer of what is right and wrong, you can’t ignore it. In a few months since I reduced my sessions, I have been following my body’s wisdom, and have made many exciting breakthroughs. I’ve been given the tools to help navigate through some very challenging situations, and yet I don’t feel like I have to work to keep my inner tranquility.

In your life, there is only one truth – the one way of being that resonates with you. I was miles off mine, which is largely why I was anxious, insecure, and unwell. Regulating your nervous system makes room in your life for you to start the exciting journey of discovering your truth, and when you do, the truth will set you free.” – Richard Greaney