Why 2015 was such a challenge and why I am so excited about 2016!

2015 has been one of my most challenging and yet most satisfying years yet.  

As I started to follow my passion and how I felt called to create, share and serve, many challenges arose – not least my fear of being seen.  I had not been aware how strong this was until I started doing more public speaking.  In the first few months of the year, I started to experience more frequent anxiety and depression – what I was later to learn was my nervous system vacillating between a fight/flight response and a freeze response, to the perceived threat of standing out and being seen.  Because being seen was very strongly associated with being unsafe for me.

And so I started to do some transformative and life-changing work with a Healer & Trauma Specialist in Boulder, Colorado via Skype. 

The many symptoms of early trauma I had developed over the years – hyper-vigilance, tight musculature, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, depression and anxiety, slowly began to resolve, heal and unwind out of my nervous system.
 I felt like a new person!  So I decided that I had to learn this transformative way of healing trauma on the nervous system level and enrolled in a 3 year post-graduate program called Somatic Experiencing.  This way of unwinding trauma from the nervous system directly through the felt sense of the body, beautifully compliments the emotional and cognitive therapy and coaching I already do with clients.  And I am very excited to share it with you!

 If you know of anyone who suffers from the symptoms of trauma, such as anxiety, fatigue or depression, or you are interested in discovering more yourself, please click here.

As part of my trauma work with clients, I am developing an e-course to share how many physical, mental and emotional symptoms that people suffer from are a result of nervous system overwhelm, and how to resolve and heal this.  This course is about making a shift from merely surviving through life to thriving – I am very excited about this and will keep you posted when it is available.  It should be ready about March-April next year.

 As I have become more passionately involved with this trauma healing work I have gradually and organically moved away from my focus on Eating Psychology.

Although I am still interested in this area, it feels exciting and more in alignment to move deeper into trauma healing work, which is often at the core of the symptoms presented in Eating Psychology.  So I am going through an exciting re-brand with the very talented Lorraine Bailey from AsOne.  I will be unveiling those changes on my website and facebook page early in the new year.
The other major announcement is that I have formed a new company with the very talented and consciously aware, Kara-Leah Grant.  Kara-Leah is a yoga teacher and writer and is on a mission to embody and share living a life of outrageous joy.
Kara-Leah and I are creating a community entitled “The Shift:  Mastering the Journey of Your Soul’s Awakening”.  This community is for successful women who are ready to live a life of self-generated radiance and ease.  It is for women who are ready to Shift into ease, bliss, relaxation, joy, mindfulness, pleasure, radiance, creativity, love and abundance as a permanent way of living and a consistent state of being.
If this sounds like a Shift you are excited and ready to make and you would like the support of other like-minded Goddesses, you can become part of it straight away!   Here’s how:
1.  Join our Facebook community and start being inspired and supported by other like-minded Shifters straight away!
2.  Sign up for the first workshop for the year on March 19 & 20.  It is an introduction to the Shift with in-depth material and exercises on how to make the Shift straight away.  For more details and a super early bird special if you respond by 24th December, email Kara-Leah on klgrant@fastmail.fm.
3.  Join our weekly circle, which will be 1 hour of sharing, inspiring, guiding, meditation and ritual, once a week in Kara-Leah’s living room.  This is very limited numbers and for those who are serious about radically shifting their lives on all levels.  To register your interest or find out more, email Kara-Leah on klgrant@fastmail.fm.

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