Play your way through 2015 with these 4 tips to effortless goal setting

Hey lovely ladies

So let me guess, have you all been busy bees writing up your new year’s resolutions and do they include things like – eat healthier, drink less, exercise more, lose weight, take more time for me, yell at the kids less, have sex more…. Trying, as per usual, to be all things to all people…

Have you ever noticed that goal setting can often be rooted in a place of lack – “I’m not good enough, and if I can just improve that, that and that, then my life will be better, then I can finally relax and have fun, but until then I just need to keep pushing myself a bit harder for a bit longer…”

How is that working for you?

Do you want to know how to set goals that serve you?  That, in fact, are all about you and how awesome you are?  Goals that excite you and don’t sound like a work sentence for the next 12 months?  Instead of setting an expectation you need to reach, how bout a passion to share, a dream to follow, a project to get stuck in to?  When did goal setting end up being a way to straighten you out for being so god damn slack?!

In order to set goals that excite you and encourage you and yes, challenge you, let’s clarify a few things.

First, let’s clarify the difference between heart desires and needs.  Needs are based in beliefs of fear and lack.    They start with “I am not enough”, and in order to be “enough” I need x, y and z.  Heart desires are a way for you to express yourself creatively, to expand your horizons, to nurture yourself.  Sometimes they don’t even make sense to you until afterwards.  You just feel a pull in a certain direction for no logical good reason.

Second, start from a place of how you want to FEEL this year.  For example, peaceful, light, fun, relaxed, joyful, energised etc.  Envision that.  What do you imagine yourself doing while you are feeling those emotions?  What activities, experiences or life situation would support you feeling that way?  Start from the inside out, not the outside in.

Third, identify which of those activities or experiences that you envisioned, excite you the most…to the point of scaring you just a little.

Fourth, trust these things excite you for a reason.  They are a bread crumb trail to allow you to express your beautiful, wonderful Self.  Follow the trail and you will not be disappointed.  Note:  It will probably lead you outside your comfort zone – any trail worth following always does :-).

Life is meant to be enjoyed!  And if you set your goals this way, you start with the feelings you want to end up with and therefore you cannot fail!


If you would like some help with setting out your intentions and goals for the year in a way that will truly serve you then come and see me.  And if you still have a genuine desire to whip your body into shape then come and have a session with me and we will get you thinking in the right frame of mind so that you are enjoying the journey rather than suffering through another diet or exercise plan.  This life is meant to be enjoyed with passion and pleasure, not punishment!  So be good to yourself,  and lets get you well on your way to playing your way through 2015 xx



Jo x

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