Play your way through 2015: Part 2

Play your way through 2015: Part 2

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from. – Seth Godin

I love this powerful quote!  Sometimes we never stop to question the way our lives are set up, thinking instead that it’s just “the way it is” and there is nothing we can do about it.  One of the most powerful realisations you can come to, particularly at the beginning of a new year, is that you get to choose!  You really CAN set up a life that not only do you NOT need to escape from, but that you absolutely love!  That’s easy and relaxing and abundant with all the good things that make you feel really good.

If you still think you are a victim of circumstances and other people, then ask yourself how it is still serving you to believe that.  Sometimes we believe that we don’t have the power to shape our dream life, because it is a way to protect ourselves from perceived risk, failure or disappointment.  Or we don’t believe we deserve it.  If this is you, then lovingly enquire into it and you will let that belief go once you are fully convinced that it no longer serves you.

In terms of food, exercise and your body, it really is possible to create a living situation where you have the time and resources to exercise in the way you enjoy, to rest and relax, and to prepare nourishing food.  You CAN create an environment where your body and soul thrives.  Every time you have a but, investigate it, as somewhere beneath it you will be believing a lie.

The key here is in the thriving.  Your body thrives on your loving attention, on rest, on laughing, on relaxing, on massages and tickles and delicious food :-).  If your food and exercise regime feels like a real drag, is draining your energy rather than energising you and creating a growing sense of deprivation and resentment, then ditch it and start over.  There is a difference between challenging yourself and enjoying the challenge, tough though it is, and exhausting, hard work that just leaves you feeling empty.  Sometimes it helps to clear the decks, start over and slowly add in things you really enjoy.  And sometimes the best place to start is adding in nanna naps.  Seriously.  Bring back the nanna nap, I say ;-).

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