Money fear and what to do about it

money fear

Being in debt and the intense fear of not having enough money completely broke me open this year.

And it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It triggered my nervous system into a freeze response over and over again which was so debilitating I could hardly get out of bed some days. I was ruthlessly forced to uncover and take a long hard look at every lack belief I ever learnt about money, scarcity, abundance, work, self worth and in fact the whole fabric of reality. It was a painful as fuck call out of everything I ever believed that was no longer serving me.

Money and nervous system freeze

Having no money brought me to my knees and I can now say, I am so grateful it did. Because down there, on my knees, I realised I’m actually strong as fuck. I had always struggled with trust, with knowing that I would be safe and provided for, with believing that I would be taken care of and that the Universe had my back. But in the end, I had no choice. It was trust or sink. And so I surrendered to debt as a teacher. And it was an army drill sergeant that kicked my ass!

The fear rolled over me in waves that would keep me in intense anxiety for days on end. But each time I surrendered a little more, I worked with the freeze collapse response of my nervous system with a therapist and little by little I became more resilient. The bank account didn’t change, the circumstances didn’t change, but I did.

I was determined to not scrimp and go without from a place of fear and I took care of myself and my children and was generous with everyone around me, trusting the Abundance that is Existence Itself. I discovered I wasn’t alone, I discovered my guides in the non-physical and their Presence was so strong it was almost tangible.

Getting to the root of your belief system around money

I got right to the root of the fucked up belief system I had inherited from our current society that feeds us lies about money and work and worth. I unwound the cancer of false mental programming that had infiltrated every part of my mind, disguised as my own thoughts. And I told it to fuck off. I stepped out of the debt slave system where it matters most – in my own head.

And my reward was so unexpected and so beautiful and so immense. I discovered a richness and a wealth that I never new existed. Not based on bank accounts and money and stuff. A state of being of abundance, a wealthiness that no money can buy. And I didn’t even care anymore if my bank account never changed. I was immeasurably wealthy. And I’m not meaning in some kind of “I love myself” tokenistic but not real kind of way. I mean true richness. The true essence of wealth. Wow! Mind officially blown. Truly.

True wealth

I have something that I can now never lose. It can never be taken away from me, it cannot be lost, it cannot be given. But it can be shared. And I love to share it with everyone I meet.
Wake up my loves. We are not meant to be living lives of fearful survival. We were born for joy. Investigate your beliefs. The system is built on beliefs and when enough people stop believing it, it will fall.

The current debt slave system that is our joke of a global economic system, built on scarcity mentality, is and will crumble before our very eyes. So prepare yourselves by unhooking from the mental programming that fuels this system and keeps you locked in fear. Unwind every lack belief you ever had about work, debt and money until you no longer fear any of them. That is how you serve humanity. That is how you change the world.

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