Guilt makes you fat, so here are 5 tips to enjoy a guilt-free festive season!

I have had a bit of a dilemma this festive season. Since finishing body building, I am now training for my first power lifting competition and I have ditched the diets. However, upon consulting with a Nutritionist who specialises in strength training, I have discovered I likely have a metabolic imbalance where I am slightly insulin resistant (a carry over from adrenal fatigue) and so my body is burning glucose inefficiently and not burning fat. So he has suggested I temporarily follow a ketogenic diet (high fat, very low carb) to aid my body in becoming more sensitive to insulin and to start burning fat again.

Which means zero sugar, zero alcohol, no grains and no starches … and it’s pavlova and cocktail season … what is a girl to do?!

Here are my 5 tips to enjoying a guilt free Festive season this year!

  1. Make a decision before hand and then make it right!  Guilt comes from desires or thoughts that contradict each other so get to the bottom of the contradiction.
  2. KNOW THYSELF.  Don’t concern yourself with what everyone else is doing – if you know that eating that dessert  or drinking that cocktail is going to start a case of the ‘fuckits’ and before you know it, you’ll be on a sugar binge for the next month, then don’t have it.  But if you can follow the 80/20 rule with ease, then go right ahead.
  3. Do what makes you feel good.  If you can’t eat it and feel good then don’t eat it.  If you can, then do!  Your feelings are the key here.  Make feeling good your number one priority.  Neither deprivation or guilt feel good and indicate that you are believing something that is not true for you so go back to point 1 and get really clear about what you want and why.
  4. There are no morally good or bad foods.  There is just food.  Really start to see that.  If the food is good or bad, then, by default, you are good or bad and you don’t want to get caught in that trap.  Some foods serve your body and some foods serve your soul.  For example a cold, creamy ice cream on a hot day may not necessarily serve your body’s nutritional needs but it sure does serve your desire for pleasure and satisfaction!  Start to nourish your whole being, rather than solely concerning yourself with nutrients and calories.
  5. Allow yourself treats that already fit within the confines of your eating plan. There are so many delicious recipes out there now for super healthy dessert treats that don’t use refined sugar, for mocktails and for gluten free options.  The first thing I did when I started this ketogenic diet was to have a look at what I could have as a bit of a treat or indulgence and I found macadamia nut butter.  (For those of you who go to the Tauranga Farmers Market, their macadamia nut products are truly divine!).  So get organised ahead of time and have something you can enjoy while others are eating things you have decided to avoid.

For myself personally, and my particular goals, I have decided to follow a 90/10 rule over this time.  For example, on Christmas Day I have decided to liberally enjoy the nuts, seafood, meat and salads, avoid alcohol, avoid the pavlova and enjoy the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake I will be making – yum!  ;-).

Whatever you decide to do, take some time to appreciate how far you have come this year, how much effort you have put in and what you have already achieved.  And then lay that aside as well, and appreciate yourself regardless of all that.  Relax your body, relax your mind and be gentle and kind to yourself over the Christmas season.  Kindness, happiness, appreciation and acceptance toward yourself are the greatest weight loss aids around!

Warmest Christmas & New Year wishes everyone, and I look forward to connecting and sharing with you in 2015 xx



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