Forget working on yourself – be with yourself instead

Instead of working on yourself, try being with yourself – there is a very big difference!

When we work on ourselves our focus is on what we are not, when we spend time with ourselves, our focus is on us and on meeting our needs. These feel very different.

Usually we are working on ourselves because we think when we improve in some area we perceive we are lacking, we will feel better. We are delaying feeling better until we ‘improve’. When we be with ourselves we ask ourselves what we need right now to feel better and then we give it to ourselves. This is a real short cut to happiness and it stops the endless focus on things outside of us.

How to do this? Imagine you are your much loved child sitting next to you. Focus on you. Love you. Meet your needs. Listen to yourself. Encourage yourself. Take care of yourself. Spend time with yourself. Laugh with yourself. Do things for you that make you feel special, heard, seen and understood.

You will be amazed at how this can very quickly turn things around for you! Forget self improvement. It will happen naturally as a result of finally listening to yourself and taking care of you.

Much love x

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