Ever struggled with Purpose? Read this!

I read this great description of purpose the other day:

“First of all, what exactly is ‘Purpose’?
Purpose isn’t the job, business or role we find most rewarding – although we may do these things in the pursuit of our purpose.
Purpose isn’t the activities or social circles that we’re happiest and most comfortable being a part of, although these may be things we tap into in order to build the momentum of our purpose.
Purpose isn’t the activities that we find most blissful, relaxing, or personally indulgent.
Purpose is the maximum fulfilment of all of our gifts, experience, wisdom, energy and expertise in service to others that brings the greatest meaning, difference, and growth to as many lives as we can possibly serve.
Purpose is servant leadership. Fulfilled purpose is evident when we move on, pass on or when people move forward out of our lives and they have matured and grown into servant leaders in their own right, multiplying the influence of purpose and inspiring others to do and be more with what they’ve been given.”

I just love that description, I think it’s bang on!

For me, the purpose of life is joy and fun and we live that through connecting with our passions and expressing them on a daily basis. That is the way I aim, and generally do, live my life. How about you? x

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