Comfort Eaters your Cravings are a GOOD thing – here’s Why!!

Hi lovely people,

Are cravings, addictions or fixations for particular foods or substances something you wrestle with?  Do you struggle to walk past the fridge or pantry without shoving something in your mouth or at least feeling a conflict between do I, don’t I?  Are you wondering how this can possibly be a good thing?!  Well let me tell you how…

Cravings indicate imbalance

Wherever there is excess, there is deprivation.  So whenever we have a tendency to go over board,  it is an opportunity to examine what is causing this.  That’s gotta be a good thing right?  Right?!

Picture a pendulum, when it is at rest, it is in balance, the more often it swings from one extreme to the other, the faster it goes and the more out of balance it gets. If you don’t stop pushing it, it won’t stop swinging and it won’t come to rest in perfect balance.

So cravings, addictions and bingeing are all a result of something swinging our pendulum.  They are opportunities to discover where in our life we may be depriving or denying ourselves.

This deprivation could be happening on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.  For example, when was the last time you truly relaxed (without wine ☺) )?  When was the last time you laughed until you cried or enjoyed a walk along the beach or backed yourself big time to do something you’ve always wanted to do?  Where are you hanging back in life, staying small, not allowing yourself to enjoy all the good stuff, cos deep down you don’t think you deserve it or your not up to it?  Because let me tell you something you may not have realised before:  you are the ONLY one who is withholding from you and stopping the flow of good stuff to yourself!

I must get it right!!

As an example, if you expect yourself to get everything right all the time, you are setting up an unrealistic expectation for yourself.  You may hold this expectation for yourself as a way of staying safe (maybe it wasn’t safe to get things wrong in your house growing up) or in order to feel enough (maybe you were praised every time you got it right and yelled at every time you got it wrong). So you have this expectation for a reason, but you are actually denying yourself the right to be human, to make mistakes, to grow and to be loved as you are.  Over time, this hurts and you want some relief from that hurt.  You may be completely unaware of this connection, as it is probably happening on a sub or unconscious level.  Nevertheless, it will cause your system to go out of balance and you will look for relief  in some form or another.

Here’s what to do:

Instead of obsessing about your ‘bad behaviours’ ask yourself some of the following questions instead:

  • Where in my life am I feeling deprived or denied in some way?
  • Where in my life am I feeling stressed, overburdened or weighed down?
  • Is there anything I feel I am lacking at this moment?
  • How can I stop waiting and start giving myself what I need right now?
  • If I believe I can’t give myself what I need (more money, more love etc), why is that?  What is the belief?
  • Is that true?

Nothing can limit you except your own beliefs.  To start receiving from Life, ask yourself, ‘What am I believing?’  ‘Is it the truth?’.  And here is a clue, if what you are believing makes you feel bad, it’s not true!

This is a process I go through in depth with clients so if you are struggling with going through this process on your own, head on over to my Work With Me page and book a free initial session with me .  Or post a comment below – I love hearing from you!

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